SmartRoom Data Room

SmartRoom Data Room Advantages and Disadvantages

Information technology has become deeply embedded in the business sphere, in connection with which electronic documents have become widely used. But how to organize a secure electronic data exchange? This article is a comprehensive review of the SmartRoom data room.

Where to use SmartRoom software solution?

SmartRoom data room helps to simplify business processes related to working with documents. Moreover, the software can be used both within the company and when interacting with partners or contractors.

The data room provides an opportunity to organize work with documentation through a corporate network or the Internet without reducing the percentage of security. Secure electronic document management is quite affordable in the 21st century. At the same time, it is possible to both implement a remote work mode for employees and use mobile applications.

The system includes the option of automating management decisions when the verbal instruction of the head given at meetings is taken into account in the system and goes through the entire full cycle.

SmartRoom pricing policy

SmartRoom data room ensures several pricing options for large, medium-sized companies and special corporate solutions. The plans can vary in accordance to:

  • data storage volume;
  • the number of pages;
  • the number of users;
  • the number of rooms.

There are options for single and multiply projects. Moreover, SmartRoom data room provides a free trial version, so you can test the software for 30 days and understand if it is suitable for your business.

SmartRoom advantages

The SmartRoom data room ensures the following benefits:

  • Eliminating the human factor. Automation allows you to avoid many errors in documents that will cost a company dearly.
  • Secure exchanging electronic documents with colleagues and other companies. Thanks to electronic signatures, even legal documents will be completely safe, and convenient filters will help you find the right paper in a few clicks.
  • The presence of a tool that simplifies the identification and search of paper documents. The presence of a business-oriented workflow mechanism and a typical route scheme editor allows you to model complex business routes.
  • A single database. The ability to create and manage in a single system document storage of almost unlimited volume for different types of content throughout the entire life cycle of documents.
  • There is the ability to organize geographically distributed work in off-line mode with support for a hierarchical structure of servers. High scalability of the system, which ensures the work of thousands of users and the storage of millions of different documents.
  • Extended functionality of the system due to the modules meeting, contract, and customer relationship m

The introduction of the SmartRoom is necessary, first of all, for companies with a large amount of external document flow. By simplifying the work with documents, business processes are accelerated and office costs are reduced. Also, data room document management will be useful for those entrepreneurs who want to improve the level of customer service and optimize interaction with counterparties.

SmartRoom disadvantages

SmartRoom data room also has some disadvantages. But if you know about them in advance, serious problems can be prevented. They are as follows:

The disadvantages include the inevitability of the costs of implementing the software. Oddly enough, before using the SmartRoom, you will need to purchase it, as well as spend a certain amount on its implementation However, the costs will be offset by the optimization of business processes and the acceleration of workflow. The sooner you start implementing the data room, the less time you will spend on digitizing documents in the future.