Secure Document Uploading Services

Secure Document Uploading Services – Are They Safe?

From small image files to large, important documents. Secure, data protection-compliant data transmission must be possible in all sectors and companies. In this article, we will consider the best software alternatives for secure document upload.

What is a secure document uploading service?

Many organizations overlook the importance of finding a secure, customer-centric file-sharing solution. File-sharing can be risky if you don’t use the right solution. Despite regular warnings from the IT department about using free cloud storage at work, employees are often too careless with the data and risk losing it. It’s worth taking a look at the secure document upload services to keep your data safe.

With such software you can send large documents, regardless of whether they are PDF, JPEG, Excel files, etc., to external business partners or colleagues in an uncomplicated manner, distribute and control access to your files with a download link.

This software solution provides the following benefits:

  • as an administrator, you can create multiple users and assign different user rights;
  • the file size is not limited, so you can upload files well over 2GB;
  • determine the period of validity of the download link yourself;
  • mobile-friendly – simply upload and request files from your smartphone or tablet;
  • with the three-part memory usage display (permanently occupied files, occupied with an expiry date, free) you always have an overview of all files;
  • always up-to-date: Updates are carried out automatically so that you are always up to date and with the latest version.

All you need to upload a file online is a web-enabled device, a file, access to a cloud, and the Internet. Whether in the office, at home or on assignments abroad: uploading and sharing data is no longer a problem.

Virtual data room – a good alternative for sharing a file

Secure document uploading and sharing can reduce the risk of cyberattacks and exposure to sensitive data. One way to securely share documents is through the cloud. A good alternative is a cloud-based digital data room that provides tools for file storage and business collaboration. Data room services encrypt files while they are being uploaded, downloaded, and while they are being stored. Encryption can help protect your files from hackers. Documents stored in the cloud can be uploaded and accessed anytime and from virtually any internet-connected device.

Sharing documents is an important part of business organizations. Regardless of whether clients are exchanging documents with you or you are exchanging files with clients, security is our top priority. The integration of the secure and fully customized data room for sharing documents with clients and protecting confidential information means you are using an all-in-one solution that is designed with security in mind from the ground up.

Furthermore, customers can choose between two options when uploading and sharing files with contractors:

  • Secured sharing with free guest accounts
  • Unsecured sharing via URL.

The digital data room is designed to be user-friendly and has a simple and clear structure for administrators and users. In this way, everyone can upload and share data. Thanks to easy file access, your colleagues can access the documents from anywhere and edit them, for example. This facilitates and speeds up collaboration.

If, for example, you come into a tunnel while traveling by train and the Internet connection breaks down, you can also work on the document offline. All documents are automatically uploaded and synchronized using the sync tool when you are online again. Files can be uploaded and shared at the end of the process, for joint work, or for an interim meeting at any time.